By: Jeff Perez – Motor1 The Supra is great. Full stop. Yeah, we know – the Toyota Supra and BMW Z4 are pretty much one and the same. Apart from the removable roof, the two cars ride on the same platform, use the same engine, and for the most part, have identical interiors both loaded withContinue Reading

2021 Kia Seltos

By Miguel Cortina – Words, Motor Trend The subcompact SUV segment is red hot. Over the last four years, names like Hyundai Kona, Chevrolet Trailblazer, Toyota C-HR, Ford EcoSport,  Nissan Kicks and Mazda CX-30 have emerged or been resurrected in the U.S. The 2021 Kia Seltos joins that list, but it falls on the larger side of the pack—at 172Continue Reading


By Jesse Bishop – Words, Jade Nelson – Photos – Motor Trend As I write this, we’re in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. With every browser refresh, there’s more breaking news, and the commentary online ranges from doomsday prognostications to hoax conspiracies. For many of us, sports provide anContinue Reading


By Andrei Nedelea – Inside EVs First deliveries of the highly anticipated Tesla Model Y have commenced and videos of the car are now starting to pour in. This Tesla Model Y Review by Doug DeMuro is the longest and most in-depth look at it so far, so sit back, grab some popcorn and takeContinue Reading

2020 Kia Soul vs. 2020 Nissan Kicks

By Scott Evans – Words; Brandon Lim – Photos – Motor Trend It’s the kind of bargaining we do every day: Should I buy the store brand or pay a few dollars more for the name brand? Most of the time, it’s the same thing, but sometimes it’s worth itContinue Reading


By Tom Harrison – TopGear Does the new 208 have what it takes to topple the mighty Fiesta? In the blue corner we have a car you’ll recognize, because they’re bloody everywhere. Ubiquity, thy name is Fiesta – if you don’t have one yourself, the odds you’re closely related toContinue Reading


By Tom Harrison – TopGear Weren’t they just? It’s been almost two decades since Mercedes decided it wanted to bring Maybach, erm, bach. Founded in 1909 as a manufacturer of aircraft engines, Maybach didn’t start doing cars until the Twenties. Production lasted until the outbreak of World War 2, when the companyContinue Reading


Once in a while, car owners may decide to wash their car at home instead going to the local car wash. As with all cleaning activities, it can be time-consuming but one does get a certain sense of achievement or accomplishment in bringing back the sparkle of their ride. WashingContinue Reading

Volvo S60 vs. Genesis G70

By Miguel Cortina – Motor Trend Staff In addition to offering a sporty driving, these two sedans bring luxury and convenience to all occupants. Besides offering an engaging drive, sports sedans have been known for providing terrific luxury and comfort features. From plush leather to heated steering wheels, and evenContinue Reading