2020 Toyota Supra Review

By: Jeff PerezMotor1

The Supra is great. Full stop.

Yeah, we know – the Toyota Supra and BMW Z4 are pretty much one and the same. Apart from the removable roof, the two cars ride on the same platform, use the same engine, and for the most part, have identical interiors both loaded with the latest BMW infotainment system. For a nameplate as storied as Supra, some purists might be put off by the obvious BMW parts. But, honestly, get over it.

The Toyota Supra is a great sports car, regardless of the context. It’s quick, competent, and comfortable, with a refined ride and a punchy turbo engine that pairs well with BMW’s impressive selection of tech and safety equipment. It’s hard not to fall for the 2020 Supra, even with its obvious German ties (and some major additions on the way).

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