Peugeot 208 vs Ford Fiesta

By Tom HarrisonTopGear

Does the new 208 have what it takes to topple the mighty Fiesta?

In the blue corner we have a car you’ll recognize, because they’re bloody everywhere. Ubiquity, thy name is Fiesta – if you don’t have one yourself, the odds you’re closely related to someone who does are overwhelming. Yep, it’s Britain’s best-selling car, a now three-year-old model that recently fended off attacks from the new (and very good) Renault Clio and new (and, erm, quite good) Vauxhall Corsa in TG #331. Read the test by clicking on these blue words, then come right back. 

Done? Enter, then, the new, very yellow Peugeot 208, which is in essence the same car as the Corsa. Only it’s much better. See a couple of years ago Vauxhall had a new Corsa signed-off and ready to go. But then the company was bought by Peugeot’s owner PSA, meaning all of a sudden Luton couldn’t stick its new supermini on sale, because it was based on a General Motors platform and used GM engines and tech’. 

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