2021 BMW 4 Series

By Mark Rechtin – MotorTrend There is a well-traveled rumor that the 2021 BMW 4 Series exterior design team has been reassigned to styling door handles and seat belt mountings for the rest of their careers. OK, maybe that’s fake news. But it does prove that Germans have a sense of humor.Continue Reading

BMW M8 Gran Coupe review

This is a bit of simple maths even TG can do: four into eight. BMW’s 8 Series with 200mm added to the wheelbase and four doors, with added ‘Competition’ upgrades. Mind you, the non-Comp car isn’t available in the UK (a nation of optionistas, us) and if you’re being picky,Continue Reading


By Kelly Lin – MotorTrend The BMW iX3 is the automaker’s first electric crossover SUV, and it launches later this year in China. BMW’s latest battery-electric vehicle rounds out the already diverse X3 lineup, which includes gasoline, diesel, and plug-in gasoline-electric hybrid powertrains. Power for the BEV Bimmer comes courtesy of an electric motor that producesContinue Reading

BMW i4

By: Adrian Padeanu – Motor1 The fully electric four-door 4 Series could be joined by a conventionally powered M4 Gran Coupe. When BMW laid out the plans for the next-generation 7 Series earlier this year, it promised to offer its flagship model with gasoline and diesel engines, topped by a fully electric variant.Continue Reading


By: Clint Simone – Motor1 The age of the performance crossover is now. Fast, high-riding cars are truly having a moment, with fantastic options from all over Europe now doing battle to get showroom attention. As their ranks grow, it’s getting harder for performance CUVs to stand out from the crowd. Automakers areContinue Reading


By: Brandon Turkus – Motor1 The Most BMW BMW You Can Buy. Think of BMW’s best cars and what comes to mind? Stylish, fun-to-drive sedans that are both luxuriously appointed and a joy to live with. Look to the New Class of the 1960s and 1970s, the E30 3 Series of the 1980s, the E39 5Continue Reading


By Vijay Pattni – TopGear This is a rational, objective assessment of a car that has, in its previous two generations, sold upwards of 443,000 examples worldwide. Had it only sold about four, we could discount it as an irrelevance. It pains us to say this, but people seem toContinue Reading