By: Brandon Turkus – Motor1 The Most BMW BMW You Can Buy. Think of BMW’s best cars and what comes to mind? Stylish, fun-to-drive sedans that are both luxuriously appointed and a joy to live with. Look to the New Class of the 1960s and 1970s, the E30 3 Series of the 1980s, the E39 5Continue Reading


By Vijay Pattni – TopGear This is a rational, objective assessment of a car that has, in its previous two generations, sold upwards of 443,000 examples worldwide. Had it only sold about four, we could discount it as an irrelevance. It pains us to say this, but people seem toContinue Reading

BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe

From BMW We’re excited to introduce the newest member of the BMW family — The BMW 2 Gran Coupé. It’s an extraordinary new vehicle that pushes the limits of what a four‑door compact can achieve. The first‑ever 2 Series Gran Coupé will inspire drivers to journey away from the mundane. Because that’sContinue Reading

Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 S vs. BMW X5 M Competition Comparison

Old rivals square off again. By: Brandon Turkus Once upon a time, BMW M and Mercedes-AMG fought their biggest battles with sedans and coupes. But as with any war, new theaters open, and today’s fight is in the crossover space, with M and AMG fielding high-performance versions of nearly every CUV in their respective parent company’s stable. But while theContinue Reading

bmw 7

Pricing and Engines The BMW 7 Series is BMW’s full-size luxury sedan starting at $120 300 to $173 600 in Canada, and $96 950 to $141 700 in the USA. It’s actually based on the Rolls-Royce Ghost and comes with an extremely wide range of engines starting from a 2.0LContinue Reading