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Mercedes-Benz C-Class vs BMW 3 Series vs Audi A4 vs Genesis G70 vs Infiniti Q50 vs Jaguar XE vs Volvo S60 vs Lexus ES vs Acura TLX vs Alfa Romeo Giulia

Welcome back to Fabulous Auto Club, and this post is the largest comparison (and also longest title) in our blog to date! We’re comparing ten different compact luxury sedans which are for family comfort with prices ranging from $35000 to $50000 CAD.


  • Mercedes C-Class – $46100
  • BMW 3 Series – $49000
  • Audi A4 – $39800
  • Genesis G70 – $42000
  • Infiniti Q50 – $43995
  • Jaguar XE – $49900
  • Volvo S60 – $42400
  • Lexus ES – $45000
  • Acura TLX – $37490
  • Alfa Romeo Giulia – $49345

Prices are subject to change.


The C-Class, 3 Series, TLX, XE, and A4 all look somewhat boring, but a new 3 Series is coming for the 2020 model year. The sportiest is the Genesis G70 because of its position and the side vent that makes it feel like a racing car. The Giulia is very similar, just like what you would expect from an Alfa Romeo. The Q50 looks like a baby Q70 and can appear outdated. The best looking car by far here is the Volvo S60 for only $42400! The Lexus ES literally looks sharp because of its edges, not to mention the oversized grill.


The performance of compact/midsize sedans range from 240 to 500 horsepower, which is a big range due to the fact that you can upgrade to AMG, Quadrifoglio, F Sport, Polestar and many others. I have to note that the A4 only has 188 horsepower, and that’s just another example of an under-powered Audi. Most of them are powered by an inline-4 with the optional V6.

Interior Comfort

To make sure everyone in your family/group of friends has comfort, luxury sedans are equipped with leather seats (heated and cooled), wood trims, and advanced climate control. The C-Class and G70 specifically stand out by looking in the interior. The Jaguar XE has failed to provide optimal interior quality unlike other rivals in this segment.


  1. Genesis G70, 87.5%
  2. Volvo S60, 85%
  3. Alfa Romeo Giulia, 80%
  4. BMW 3 Series, 72.5%
  5. Lexus ES, 60%
  6. Infiniti Q50, 55%
  7. Audi A4, 45%
  8. Mercedes C-Class, 37.5%
  9. Acura TLX, 35%
  10. Jaguar XE, 20%
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