2020 BMW X4 M Competition Review: Over The Edge

By: Clint SimoneMotor1

The age of the performance crossover is now. Fast, high-riding cars are truly having a moment, with fantastic options from all over Europe now doing battle to get showroom attention. As their ranks grow, it’s getting harder for performance CUVs to stand out from the crowd. Automakers are addressing this issue by adding even more performance to fully leaded crossovers.

Look no further than the 2020 BMW X4 M Competition, a more powerful version of the already potent X4 M. That lengthy badge equates to one of the most ferocious, capable crossovers on the market, with plenty of visual flair on offer, too. BMW’s smaller crossover coupe gets the full M treatment with over 500 horsepower, dramatic styling, and suspension tuning that makes it a surprisingly great candidate for a track day. But not so much a daily driver. For the enthusiast willing to swap comfort for outright performance, this is your ultimate crossover machine. For everyone else who just wants some extra grunt in their CUV, this M car goes a little too far.

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