tesla porsche

Almost everyone knows the Tesla Model S. It’s their oldest vehicle, and despite being made in 2012, it’s filled with technology. Why, you might ask, are we comparing this to a Porsche? Porsche has just launched their fully electric executive sedan, the Porsche Taycan. They could have just made anContinue Reading

bmw 7

Pricing and Engines The BMW 7 Series is BMW’s full-size luxury sedan starting at $120 300 to $173 600 in Canada, and $96 950 to $141 700 in the USA. It’s actually based on the Rolls-Royce Ghost and comes with an extremely wide range of engines starting from a 2.0LContinue Reading

Mercedes GLE vs Volvo XC90

Welcome back to Fabulous Auto Club, and today we’re comparing the Volvo XC90 and Mercedes GLE. They are premium 7-seat SUVs to carry everyone in your family while arriving to a place in style. Price The XC90 starts at $59750 CAD ($45058 USD) while the GLE starts at $64000 CADContinue Reading