Porsche Taycan Turbo Review: First UK Test

By Matt Master

The Taycan in Blighty. What’s new?Well, nothing and everything. This is Porsche’s first fully electric car, and as such the first proper production EV from a legacy manufacturer that puts performance first. This could revolutionise the way the UK regards e-mobility.

Is it going to?

Not overnight, no, because at £116K on the road for this ‘Turbo’, it’s too expensive for the most of us, but then, so is a 911 GT3 and that’s still part of the conversation. And the Taycan is doing that all-important missionary job of softening up the cynics and inducting the masses. You’ll be seeing enough of these around in the next few months to start accepting them as part of our motoring landscape. Which in this instance means a silent 680bhp and 0-124mph in 10.6 seconds is the new normal. Porsche’s normal at any rate.

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