Bentley Flying Spur vs Mercedes-Maybach S650

By Ollie MarriageTopGear

Bentley’s new saloon takes on the biggest, baddest Merc S-Class.

Let’s get one thing straight – neither of these is the best car in the world. It’s been a long time since the luxury saloon was the highest point on the automotive landscape, the pinnacle to which we all aspired. Now it’s a cul de sac off the SUV highway. And the cars themselves have suffered as a result.

Let’s use Maybach to illustrate the point. A proud luxury brand before WW2, Mercedes brought it back in 2002 as a standalone brand, poured millions into the development of two limousines and predicted global sales of 2,000 cars per year. In fact only around 3,000 were sold in total before Merc pulled the plug ten years later. Now, Maybach is little more than a badge applied to the fanciest Merc S-Class.

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