Does Cruise Control Save Gas

Does Cruise Control Save Gas?

By Frank MarkusMotorTrend

Is cruise control better or worse for gas mileage? Does running the A/C or opening the windows use more gas? And what about those fuel line magnets and tornado gizmos for the intake and exhaust pipes—do they work? No matter the price of gasoline, we owe it to Mother Earth to do what we can to go as far as possible on as little gas as is practical, so let’s dig into these questions and more.

Oh, and let’s just lay out this spoiler out at the top: To date, scientific testing has yet to measure a meaningful benefit to fuel line magnets, aftermarket intake/exhaust swirl inducers, or “gas pills” as I explained in this Technologue column. (If any of these “technologies” worked, automakers would be incorporating them on new vehicles.)

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