Does Cruise Control Save Gas

By Frank Markus – MotorTrend Is cruise control better or worse for gas mileage? Does running the A/C or opening the windows use more gas? And what about those fuel line magnets and tornado gizmos for the intake and exhaust pipes—do they work? No matter the price of gasoline, weContinue Reading


Once in a while, car owners may decide to wash their car at home instead going to the local car wash. As with all cleaning activities, it can be time-consuming but one does get a certain sense of achievement or accomplishment in bringing back the sparkle of their ride. WashingContinue Reading


Consider The Car That You Drive Educating yourself about the car’s expenses including insurance at the very beginning of the car-purchasing decision is very important. Ask around for the insurance costs of the car you wish to purchase and consider your budget. A luxury or sporty car can be severalContinue Reading