Cadillac CT4 vs Mercedes-Benz A 220

Cadillac CT4 vs. Mercedes-Benz A 220 Specs and Features Comparison

By – Frank Markus; MotorTrend

Which is the better entry-luxury sedan?

Everybody in the auto industry got sent home before Cadillac got its press-fleet allotment of base 2.0-liter CT4s and Mercedes-Benz populated its fleets with A 35 AMG sedans. As such, it’s not possible to pair those natural competitors with properly aligned powertrains (a front-drive $33,795 A 220 vs. a rear-drive $33,990 CT4, or a $45,945 A 35 4Matic vs. a $45,990 CT4-V AWD).

But with some creative squinting at the Monroney labels, we were able to fashion a comparison between a well-equipped CT4-V AWD ($52,010 as tested) and a loaded A 220 4Matic ($45,790). Stripping these vehicles down to their essences, which makes the better entry-luxury sedan? How do the Cadillac CT4 and Mercedes A 220 compare on size?

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