Mindfully designed with a purpose: Your life

From the outset, the development team behind the Mazda MX-30 wanted to create a car that would become a partner to its owner. It should appeal to be driven daily, and every time a customer gets behind the wheel, their affection for it should grow, and they can be more true to themselves. Everything about the model, from the styling that breeds a sense of familiarity, to the open-feeling cabin that sets the mind free, is uncompromisingly designed around the user.

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  • Mazda MX-30 Review - The Mazda MX-30 isn’t Mazda’s first electric vehicle per se – it’s made several prototypes, including the absurd, Kinder-Egg-on-wheels EX-005 concept of 1970 – but it is Mazda’s first production EV. Careering straight down the plug-in crossover route seems like a safe bet…

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