The Best Premium Coupes to Buy in 2020

The Best Premium Performance Coupes to Buy in 2020

By Ed Tahaney – MotorTrend

The phrase “premium performance coupe” hardly does justice to these fabulous two-doors, which include some of autodom’s most exciting—and exciting to drive—sports cars. If you’re looking for practicality, forget it; the sporty two-door models we’ve collected here place a premium on being drivers’ cars at the expense of things like back-seat space, cargo capacity, and cupholder count.

Whether you want to slice apexes at the track, decimate a back road, or simply own something that viscerally connects you to the experience of driving, these cars from JaguarPorscheChevrolet, and more cannot come highly recommended enough. Of course, we’ve tested and driven them all, so we do have favorites, plus a best-in-class choice. Read on to find out which top sports car you should park in your garage—and drive on your favorite piece of tarmac.

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