Best EVs in 2020 Under 50000

The Best EVs To Buy in 2020 Under $50,000

By Kim Reynolds – MotorTrend

After many years on the periphery of the automotive mainstream, the time has finally come for electric cars. One by one, the old limitations of modest range, golf-cart-like performance, high prices, and slow charging have been conquered. Now, some of the best EVs can travel farther on a charge than gas cars, their acceleration is frequently quicker, they’re dropping in price, and if at-home, overnight charging isn’t enough, fast-charging stations are dramatically shortening your pauses to recharge on the road.

But not all EVs are solving these problems simultaneously—for example, there are many instances where an EV might be quick but has poor range, or affordable but uses an uncommon plug type. There are also the big differences in the charging speeds and costs of the competing fast-charging infrastructures, and the practical prerequisite of needing a garage or at least a driveway to locate a private overnight charger.

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