The Mazda MX-30 isn’t Mazda’s first electric vehicle per se – it’s made several prototypes, including the absurd, Kinder-Egg-on-wheels EX-005 concept of 1970 – but it is Mazda’s first production EV. Careering straight down the plug-in crossover route seems like a safe bet for pulling in buyers, but there are plentiful clues Mazda’sContinue Reading

2022 Volkswagen ID4 EV

By Kelly Lin – MotorTrend A few months ago, we got a glimpse at the Volkswagen ID4 EV’s somewhat vanilla exterior. Well, it looks like the new electric car’s interior follows the same simple-is-better philosophy. In fact, we rather like the clean, uncluttered look, which reminds us of the Tesla Model 3’s pared-backContinue Reading

2021 Polestar 2

By: Kyle Conner – Motor1 Polestar’s second vehicle brings style, speed. It’s not a Volvo. At least not according to the badge on the front. Two opposing V-shaped accents on the hood signify a new brand: Polestar. Actually, though, Polestar isn’t even a new brand. It’s been around for decades as an aftermarketContinue Reading

Best EVs in 2020 Under 50000

By Kim Reynolds – MotorTrend After many years on the periphery of the automotive mainstream, the time has finally come for electric cars. One by one, the old limitations of modest range, golf-cart-like performance, high prices, and slow charging have been conquered. Now, some of the best EVs can travel fartherContinue Reading


By Kelly Lin – MotorTrend The BMW iX3 is the automaker’s first electric crossover SUV, and it launches later this year in China. BMW’s latest battery-electric vehicle rounds out the already diverse X3 lineup, which includes gasoline, diesel, and plug-in gasoline-electric hybrid powertrains. Power for the BEV Bimmer comes courtesy of an electric motor that producesContinue Reading

2022 Nissan Ariya EV SUV

By Aaron Gold – MotorTrend The Nissan Ariya – This Murano-like electric SUV will take on the Tesla Model Y and Ford Mustang Mach E. Nope, this isn’t a concept car—it’s the production version of the Nissan Ariya electric SUV shown at last year’s Tokyo Motor Show, and it’s coming toContinue Reading

2020 Tesla Model Y

2020 Tesla Model Y Long Range First Drive By Kim Reynolds, Renz Dimaandal – Photos – MotorTrend Meet Jim and Dorothy Average. They’re the Average household. He’s 5-foot-9. She’s 5-foot-4. They have 1.9 kids (daughter Emma is of the opinion that younger brother, Liam, is the 0.9), and they liveContinue Reading

BMW i4

By: Adrian Padeanu – Motor1 The fully electric four-door 4 Series could be joined by a conventionally powered M4 Gran Coupe. When BMW laid out the plans for the next-generation 7 Series earlier this year, it promised to offer its flagship model with gasoline and diesel engines, topped by a fully electric variant.Continue Reading