2021 Ford Bronco Unveiled: More Than Nostalgia

By Jonny Lieberman, Frank Markus – Words; Steven Pham,William Walker– Photos – MotorTrend

Thunderclouds threaten as our group stands in the middle of Johnson Valley OHV Area, looking at two pre-production versions of the all-new 2021 Ford Bronco. One is a Cactus Gray four-door Badlands hardtop, but we can’t take our eyes off the Cyber Orange two-door Black Diamond Bronco with the removable roof fully removed. It looks utterly fabulous.

A concept car come to life, driven straight off the auto show stand to an off-road paradise known for King of the Hammers. The consensus: Ford is gonna sell a million of these things. The 2021 Bronco—especially the papaya-colored small fry—just looks right on.

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