2021 Cadillac Escalade ESV First Look: The New Long One

By Alexander StoklosaMotorTrend

Cadillac’s latest Escalade, the 2021 Cadillac Escalade ESV, is loaded with new, new, new, which includes everything from its new independent rear suspension to its newly price-appropriate luxe interior to its available diesel engine. Pretty much the only constants in the Escalade’s world are that it’s still a chunky, flashy full-size luxury SUV and it’s once again available in short- and long-wheelbase Escalade and Escalade ESV forms. When Cadillac pulled the wraps off the all-new SUV earlier this year, the brand pulled the proverbial sheet off of only the shorter ‘Slade. Now, Cadillac is offering us our first look (in the metal) at the larger 2021 Escalade ESV.

That is about all Cadillac is offering at this point: A peek. The automaker released limited photography and detail about the newest ESV, promising simply that it would offer “the same bold-design and cutting-edge technologies as the short-wheelbase Escalade.” The automaker claims the ESV will share broad strokes with the regular Escalade, including the smaller model’s switch from an old-school solid rear axle to a more refined, modern independent rear suspension setup; incredible curved OLED interior display; and available Super Cruise semi-autonomous driver assistance tech.

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