What Are The Best-Handling SUVs

What Are The Best-Handling SUVs?

By Kim ReynoldsMotorTrend

We want it all.

Now that SUVs and crossovers have conquered America’s roads and driveways (and mall parking lots, and Starbucks drive-thru lines, and everywhere else), we’re expecting them to handle as well as the cars they’ve vanquished, too.

Can they? No. And precisely for the reasons you’re liking them. That great bird’s-eye view that comes from an elevated driver’s perch—raising the center of gravity—is arsenic for handling. Nevertheless, car engineers are optimistic, never-give-up types. They’ve been beavering away to mitigate these negatives. Last year, we broached the question of whether an SUV can handle as well as a sedan in a deep-dive comparison of a representative classical sedan and its new crossover alternative, starring the outgoing Chevrolet Impala and the incoming Blazer.

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