Volvo S60 vs. Genesis G70

Volvo S60 vs. Genesis G70: Interior Comparison

By Miguel Cortina Motor Trend Staff

In addition to offering a sporty driving, these two sedans bring luxury and convenience to all occupants. Besides offering an engaging drive, sports sedans have been known for providing terrific luxury and comfort features. From plush leather to heated steering wheels, and even massaging seats, luxury automakers are equipping their cars with components we once thought to be the domain of living rooms. The 2019 Volvo S60 and 2019 Genesis G70 are two of the newest sports sedans in the market, and they were both designed to treat their passengers with luxury. We took our long-term Volvo S60 Momentum and compared its interior to our long-term Genesis G70 Elite. Although the Volvo is priced at $50,630 and the Genesis at $46,495, both are medium-spec trims, and each brings plenty of features while still delivering good value.

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