Honda Civic Type R vs. Toyota GR Yaris

By Angus MacKenzie – MotorTrend Volkswagen invented the hot hatch, launching the Mk 1 Golf GTI in 1976, and it has honed and refined the formula ever since. Like most Japanese automakers, Honda and Toyota have toyed with the hot hatch genre, but these companies’ enthusiasm for it has waxed and waned over the years, tuggedContinue Reading


By Jeff Perez – Motor1 The 2020 Toyota Yaris Hatchback is part of a dying breed. It’s one of just a handful of five-door subcompact hatchbacks you can still buy new in the U.S., accompanying the Chevrolet Spark, Kia Rio, Mitsubishi Mirage, and soon-to-be-discontinued Honda Fit in the slow march toward irrelevancy. But Toyota might just have the most fun optionContinue Reading


By: Adrian Padeanu – Motor1 The Yaris gets a crossover companion offering more room and an increased ground clearance. Toyota originally intended to unveil its new small crossover in March at the Geneva Motor Show but the event’s cancelation caused by the coronavirus pandemic forced the automaker to reschedule the premiere. The companyContinue Reading