2021 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid XSE Drive

The 2021 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid delivers more power and better fuel economy than its gas-powered stablemate. It also drives better, is a bit quicker, and doesn’t compromise interior space. The hybrid-exclusive XSE displays more aggressive styling compared to the other trims, and it delivers decent value. We recently spent a week drivingContinue Reading

2020 Best Compact Hybrid SUVs

By Alisa Priddle – MotorTrend Consumers with a keen interest in fuel economy have always looked to small and compact vehicles to get their fix, whether that be a car or an SUV. Today, automakers go a step further, fitting hybrid systems to compact SUVs so that a small gasolineContinue Reading


By Alex Leanse – MotorTrend Straight to the trails in Toyota’s rally-inspired compact crossover. You love exploring the great outdoors, but you need a proper vehicle to make it happen. Problem is, the overlanding rigs you see on Instagram are too big, too expensive, and too impractical for your everyday life. You’reContinue Reading


By Miguel Cortina – MotorTrend We take a look at two of the most anticipated plug-in hybrid SUVs of the market. Hybrid crossovers are popular. The Ford Escape Hybrid arrived in 2004 and was the pioneer in a market packed with internal combustion engines. But as electrified vehicles started getting more attentionContinue Reading