2021 Honda CR-V Hybrid

The hybrid version of Honda’s top-ranked compact SUV offers everything we love about its gas-only sibling plus excellent efficiency. It is Honda’s only hybrid SUV but size-wise, it’s positioned between the smaller HR-V and the midsize Passport and Pilot. This CR-V’s stiffest competition comes in the forms of other compact hybridContinue Reading

2022 Infiniti QX55 Interior Review

The 2022 Infiniti QX55 is one of the Japanese luxury automaker’s best-looking SUVs in decades. Its crisp, wave-formed sheetmetal recalls the hugely successful Infiniti FX SUV from the early 2000s, which was one of the first performance crossover SUVs on the market. While it’s clear Infiniti designers spent much time lovingContinue Reading

2022 Chevrolet Bolt EV First Look

By Alexander Stoklosa – MotorTrend The Chevrolet Bolt EV, if you noticed it at all before, was a homely little electric hatchback. Neither here nor there, really—just a generically styled, Chevy-badged tall hatch. In other words, inoffensive automotive wallpaper. Looks were never the point because the Bolt delivered where itContinue Reading


By: Angel Sergeev – Motor1 A6 Avant 55 TFSIe Quattro – that’s the lengthy official name of the first-ever plug-in hybrid Audi A6 station wagon that the German automaker has just launched through its European dealership network. The eco-friendly family hauler comes with a PHEV system that’s shared with the equivalent A6 Sedan model,Continue Reading


By Angus MacKenzie – MotorTrend Range Rover Velar – Sleek and fast, it’s the GT of SUVs. Here’s the thing about most high-performance SUVs: They’re fast in a straight line, and some are even fun to drive. But despite the mega horsepower, the menacing exhaust rumble, the fat tires, andContinue Reading


By Tom Harrison – TopGear Weren’t they just? It’s been almost two decades since Mercedes decided it wanted to bring Maybach, erm, bach. Founded in 1909 as a manufacturer of aircraft engines, Maybach didn’t start doing cars until the Twenties. Production lasted until the outbreak of World War 2, when the companyContinue Reading