2022 Volkswagen Tiguan First Look

2022 Volkswagen Tiguan First Look: Look Who’s Getting Sleeker

By Frank MarkusMotorTrends

VW’s global bestseller is getting nips, tucks, and fresh technology.

You might not guess it to look around on American roadways, but the Volkswagen Tiguan was the brand’s global bestseller of 2019, with nearly a million units moved around the world. The U.S. snapped up 109,572 of them—an impressive 133 percent improvement over 2017. That was the year the current, stretched MQB variant launched in this country, and because its global short-wheelbase sibling launched in 2016, the refresh clock says the vehicle is due for a nip and tuck.

We’re told to expect new front-end styling that includes reshaped hood sheetmetal. Product marketing boss Dr. Hendrik Muth describes the new look as “a little bit less horizontal, very sporty, and a bit more masculine in its stance.” It will also feature 100 percent LED lighting—simple high-/low-beam LED headlights on base models and adaptive front lighting on top trims (alas, smart “matrix” lighting is not yet approved for the U.S. ). The rear is similarly updated, also with full LED lighting.

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