2021 Mercedes S-Class Interior

2021 Mercedes S-Class Interior Fully Revealed In 80+ Photos

By: Adrian PadeanuMotor1

Forget about the five screens, the real magic is in the back.

Mercedes has previewed the new SClass interior a couple of times already, and yet we still don’t have the whole picture. That all changes today as we were able to find fully revealing images of the luxurious cabin prior to the official premiere set for September 2. While the three-pointed star has so far focused on the five-screen setup, intricate ambient lighting, and front airbags for rear passengers, the full interior was actually hiding in plain sight on the company’s media website.

The luxury cocoon is being featured here in Benz format as the Maybach version will have even greater legroom courtesy of a stretched wheelbase. Mercedes will step up its game yet again in the premium segment by offering heated cushions for the rear headrests as well as heating the area above the already heated armrests on the door cards. Speaking of newly added features the naked eye can’t see, Mercedes has added more acoustic foam than ever to keep the cabin nice and quiet.

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