2020 Lexus RC F Track Edition Review: Bark Over Bite

By: Jeff PerezMotor1

The Lexus RC F isn’t perfect. A laggy transmission, tons of understeer, and a curb weight that rivals some full-size sedans make it not as alluring in a class that includes very good alternatives like the BMW M4, Mercedes-AMG C63 Coupe, and Audi RS5. But, look at the silver lining: the RC F is one of the only remaining options with a V8, where many of its rivals have turned to turbocharged six-cylinders. It’s absurdly comfortable, too, with one of the nicest interiors you’ll find anywhere. And for 2020, in an effort to address some of those issues, Lexus went all-out and created an RC F designed exclusively for the track… or so it wants us to think.

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