2020 Genesis G90

2020 Genesis G90 3.3T

By: Jeff Perezmotor1

The Genesis G90 is an affordable, appealing alternative to the established crop.

You know the major players when it comes to full-size luxury sedans: AudiBMW, and Mercedes-Benz – you might even be able to throw Lexus into the mix. And there’s a reason those brands are so successful: because their full-size options are very good. But of the outliers, the 2020 Genesis G90 might be one of our favorites.

Not only does the new Genesis G90 look great (even if this latest model is just a heavy facelift), but it does almost exactly what its competitors do, only at a more affordable price. The G90 is stylish, luxurious, and loaded with some really good tech – all for under $80,000 as tested.

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